GTA 5 Weapons List With Database and Stats (All Guns)

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a game that cannot be relaxed in any way. The whole city involved in this game is definitely full of illegal and wild people. There are countless opportunities for you to show your strength and importance but you can only succeed if you compete hard. If you like to play GTA 5 online regularly then you should have useful information about all the weapons included in the game. In this regard, today we will give you an important analysis of GTA 5 Weapons which will surely give you a chance to learn a lot. So let’s go and try to know everything that is necessary to know.

GTA 5 Weapons

A Closer Look at GTA 5 Weapons

All the games in the GTA series have always been the talk of the gaming community because of their unique story and great purpose. The most important thing about all these games is that here you find more or less friends and more enemies. Every player strives for success in all kinds of situations. But this is possible only if you have everything you need to deal with the situation. In this case, the weapons are the most important, which are always important for the elimination of your enemies. But it is difficult to say for sure whether we will always be able to use the right weapon because it depends on your Rank and points.

If you want a powerful weapon in your hand, you have to get a high rank which is about 120. But don’t worry, you have become very good at playing this game and now you must have every weapon that can kill the enemy with one bullet. Ammunition, guns, bullets, they play an important role in the game, without them the adventure of the game is not complete. So when you play GTA V, you will definitely find some great weapons that are really powerful. If you have a lot of money and points, then surely your adventure in this open world will be much more wonderful.

Full List of GTA 5 Weapons

In GTA 5 Weapon Mods, players will find a long list as well as a variety of weapons. But to use them all you have to exchange money first because without it you will not have access to all the weapons. If we look at the types, they fall into different categories, including heavy weapons, throwing weapons, handguns, shotguns, sniper rifles, melee weapons, mounted weapons, machine guns and assault rifles. If you choose any type, you will see a wide variety of weapons.

So it is difficult to estimate the total number of weapons. Weapons and new sections are added to the game from time to time by Rockstar Games for players. Each weapon has a different range and accuracy, the more you rank, and the easier it will be for you to get the weapon. Even if you are at a lower rank, you are still free to acquire weapons at that rate. Let’s move on to find out more about weapons.


Carbine Rifle 55 45
Special Carbine Mk II 55 40
Compact Rifle 35 45
Heavy Rifle 40 45
Military Rifle 45 45
Advanced Rifle 50 45
Assault Rifle 45 45
Assault Rifle Mk II 45 45
Bullpup Rifle Mk II 45 45
Carbine Rifle Mk II 55 45
Special Carbine 55 40
Bullpup Rifle 45 45


Sawed-Off Shotgun 20 15
Pump Shotgun Mk II 30 20
Musket 65 85
Double Barrel Shotgun 15 10
Assault Shotgun 25 15
Sweeper Shotgun 22 20
Bullpup Shotgun 30 20
Heavy Shotgun 30 25
Pump Shotgun 30 20


Widowmaker 40 55
Minigun 40 55
Grenade Launcher 10 50
RPG 10 70
Firework Launcher 12 60
Compact Grenade Launcher 15 55
Homing Launcher 25 75
Railgun 20 70


Hellbringer 45 60
SMG Mk II 40 35
MG 40 60
Minigun 40 55
Gusenberg Sweeper 38 56
SMG 40 35
Combat PDW 45 38
Homing Launcher 25 75
Marksman Pistol 30 35
Micro SMG 30 25
Mini SMG 33 30
Assault SMG 45 40


Marksman Rifle 80 90
Heavy Sniper 90 100
Sniper Rifle 70 95
Heavy Sniper Mk II 90 100
Marksman Rifle Mk II 80 90


Up-n-Atomizer 30 20
Heavy Revolver Mk II 65 35
Pistol 50 55 35
Machine Pistol 40 30
Flare Gun 30 10
Vintage Pistol 40 25
AP Pistol 35 30
Combat Pistol 50 30
SNS Pistol Mk II 40 20
Pistol 40 25
Double-Action Revolver 60 35
SNS Pistol 40 20
Heavy Pistol 50 35
Pistol Mk II 40 25
Heavy Revolver 65 35

GTA 5 Weapons Locations

The biggest challenge for players is to find a place for all these weapons. If you use GTA 5 Map you will have easy access to all of them. Each category of weapon has a specific location. Similarly, if you want to get a weapon easily, the easiest way is to buy a weapon. This will make it easier for you to carry a weapon. You can have more than one weapon at a time, so you need to find a place where you can store all your weapons. Now the question is, can we have free access to these weapons? Absolutely not, you have to improve your performance and strategy. This will definitely make it easier for you to access important parts of the game.


To demonstrate its power, not all missions and challenges in GTA 5 are complete without weapons. This is a world where you will have as much equipment as possible and every path and destination will be easy for you. Improve your performance and conquer this world.

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