Download GTA San Andreas APK + OBB For Android 2023

GTA San Andreas APK: The game certainly claims to be gaining popularity even in modern times. There is no doubt that this is something to consider. In fact, we still see the game in terms of popularity. Players from all over the world are still playing this game and millions of players take part in it every day, even new players are playing this game on their mobile devices. The name of this wonderful game is GTA San Andreas that is a big name in the GTA series which is still popular among the players. Let’s take a closer look at the game plot.

GTA San Andreas APK


GTA San Andreas is a great game released by RockStar North. This was introduced globally in 2004. The game became so popular in the beginning that the company added it to its high time sell out game.

This is the most played game in the entire GTA series. This game played an important role in popularizing all the games in the series. The gameplay was so great that the players were drawn to the game.

The graphics, characters and story were so amazing that the players still remember the time of this game. The existence of ideas will surely force any player to play for hours.

Most importantly, the mission of the game was appreciated and of course all the other necessities that contributed to the popularity of this game. Participating in the fulfillment of a goal, the game succeeded in convincing the audience in every way.

GTA San Andreas APK

Carl Johnson has starred in GTA San Andreas, when he decides to return to his hometown of Los Santos. The gravity of the situation prompts him to return. At first, he lived his life happily, but resentment forced him to leave town. But things changed when CJ’s younger brother, who was part of  “Gang Street Crime” blamed him for his younger brother’s brian death.

CJ leaves the activities of his life and goes far for the rest of his life. Because he wanted to escape the clutches of crime, he decided to leave the city for peace. He is living his life happily but one day when he finds out about his mother’s death.

From here, things get complicated, and this is where the true story begins! CJ decide attending the last rites of his mother and made the return journey to attend the funeral. Arriving at the airport, he arranged a taxi.

Here, Carl encountered two police officers who threatened to work for them and failure to do not so can have serious consequences. He went and attended the funeral, but here he saw a very different situation.

Johnson was so saddened by the death of his mother that the presence of certain things tormented him. Of course, this is not an accidental death. So he decided that he would know everything that happened here and whoever involved in he would not leave him.

He tried to contact his elder brother but there was something that surprised him even more his brother was losing control. Opposition groups are gaining ground in all areas. He decided to turn his goal into reality that Carl will help to let his brother regain his lost place. On the other hand, he traced all the responsible elements and avenged his mother’s death.

Carl meets Ryder, Sweet, Kendl, and Big Smoke and tries to find out everything from them. Given the importance of the situation, he decides to stay Los Santos and uses all his power together. At that moment, Carl purpose begins. On the one hand, he tries to protect his family from the enemy. On the other hand, he also tries to avoid the police who are trying to arrest him.

They all unite to gain control of the areas and streets which were under the control of Ballas. He later found out a fact from a friend that stunned him. Caesar told Carl the whole truth.

This was related to the death of his mother. He unveiled the fact which the bullet had hit his mother. His target was not his mother, rather his brother sweet and his group, Gang Street Family and behind all this conspiracy was none other than his childhood friends Smoke and Ryder who were working for Ballas. This is where Carl Johnson second goal begins, and he sets out to avenge these traitors.

GTA San Andreas APK


GTA SA APK, players will take part in the open world, the story of which is definitely based on a great theory. In addition to all aspects of the game, its features are definitely great for players. Like the rest of the RockStar masterpieces, the game will give players every opportunity to enjoy the game.

The story of the game certainly plays a role in making the game more enjoyable. Players will be so engrossed in their goal that they have to reach it at all costs. Once you consider the goal an integral part, you will not have the option to look back.

Players need to improve their skills so that the game gives you more features. To achieve the goal, you have to discover many things in the game. Use cars, planes, tanks, motorcycles and other vehicles according to your strategy.

Also, improve your skills and enjoy some amazing parts of the game. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas will definitely reward you for your abilities. The presence of certain things definitely gives the players a chance to stay in touch more than the game.

This is definitely full of missions and ideas. After completing this we can unlock more sections for ourselves. Similarly, to reach all areas of Los Santos, you need to improve your performance.

By the way, players will have to face all kinds of fun, but there are some special things in the game that you must do. Like showing off your strength in front of the police, experimenting with flying a plane, pretending to be a simple man in public. All of this can help you become a faster character.


Gta San Andreas contains an interesting story and players want to embark on these adventure-packed missions. What could be a more satisfying moment for us when we can see this game in our devices? Of course, this idea can now be turned into reality. Now we can easily use this game in our mobile through APK file.

Today we are going to give you a positive guide that will allow you to play GTA SA for Android. Rockster series great game experience you will surely be overwhelmed by gaming. The user will now be able to play games on their phone without interruption. In that case, you must first select the device needed for the game, which means a great specs and a phone based on the operating system.

The requirements of the game will definitely determine how much fun this game can give you. On the other hand, if you meet the prerequisites of the game, you can download the game and get immersed in it.

GTA San Andreas APK


Rockstar has regularly updated all the games in the GTA series by adding some special features. This means players can enjoy the game world more with extra features. When you become part of the game, you have the opportunity to take advantage of every feature and make it even more wonderful.

Like GTA 5 APK players are still enjoying all the necessities of the game. In the same way, you have to make the game more refreshing as well as more fun. Here we would like to describe the features of Gta San Andreas APK in special way.

  • From time to time there is also specific content for players that you should include. For example, in GTA San Andreas APK players can increase their activity through mini-games. These include, most importantly, refreshments and outdoor activities. You should enjoy these parts at different times.
  • You need to have money to participate in activities that you enjoy to the fullest. In addition, you need to make sure you have money in your pocket. If not, don’t worry if you have a little money. There are also many casino games to participate in and increase your money fast.
  • The purpose of the game is so deep that you will see all kinds of vehicles as well as mini bicycles. This is the advantage of taking you to the mini streets. Of course, this will allow you to enjoy the game differently. Secondly, control system that will provide players a more smooth system.
  • Cool yourself by participating in some games at different times, such as playing basketball and opening your arms and legs. If you are a good swimmer, relax by swimming in the pool.
  • Rockstar keeps changing the game system with updates in view of the growing popularity of the game. Therefore, the latest update introduces various new types of vehicles including ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles), unique airplanes as well as harvesting vehicles. All types of vehicles are definitely best for players who think they can control the situation by driving fast.
  • The situation and reality will definitely lead the CJ to adopt new skills. You can’t always scare others. Opposing forces will be on the field in their best effort to eliminate you. New skills will be able to work with you to ensure your safety, such as drowning and disappearing from enemy sight as well as climbing walls. All of this will make the enemy think to some extent about your intelligence.
  • There are numerous clothing stores in the GTA SA APK for players, so choose your outfits according to your vehicles.
  • Make your look new every time. The game has barber shops, so change your hair style every time, or dye your hair. It depends on you.
  • A special part of the players is the presence of gym in GTA San Andreas, get lean or gain weight by participating in the gym.
  • The game also introduces the most dangerous types of weapons for players, So take a look at your targets and shoot them indiscriminately.
  • The latest update for players has been included bombs and missiles. In GTA San Andreas, it must be used, but to think only that the targets are just enemies.
  • The health system has been improved throughout the game. This means that the CJ must also pay attention to his health in view of the importance of his purpose. In this regard, some important elements of the game have been discovered. Balancing delicious meals and participating in exercise activities. So this sense of play will play a role in keeping you completely fresh and active.
  • Some essentials are allowed in the game according to the players’ choice. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas will allow you to access the garage of your choice. Where players can choose the engine of their choice, the color of their car.
  • HD and high quality graphics definitely play a role in making the game even better.


Here we will now explain the whole process of downloading and installing. So it is very important that the players understand the whole process and then download the game. An error in the installation process may interfere with the use of this game on your mobile phone.

Therefore, it is important that you follow all the instructions and use the GTA San Andreas APK correctly on your mobile.

  • First you need to allow your mobile to download this file, but because you want to download this game in APK file. You need to go to mobile settings and mark unknown sources. If you do not do this, the file download process will not proceed.
  • Now you have to go to the next step by clicking on the download button, of course you have to allow that. The download process will start.
  • Good internet speed will definitely speed up the download process so wait for the download to complete.
  • Find the file in the file manager after the download is complete.
  • This process will allow you to download the entire APK file.

GTA San Andreas APK


Now we have to complete the next step which is GTA San Andreas APK OBB. This is basically a file that will ensure the full availability of the game in your mobile.

Even in this process, you have to proceed carefully with each step as the obb file will definitely bring you closer to the game and you will be able to experience the game on your mobile.

  • Firstly, download the obb file
  • Extract the San Andreas OBB file. you can use File Manager or any other zip file for this process
  • Now go to the obb file folder and open it and allow install
  • You can also insert the obb folder into your SD card so you have a choice
  • After all, the game is ready to run on your devices
  • Enjoy GTA San Andreas


We can easily play all Rockstar North series on every platform. But when it comes to the GTA series, of course, from the beginning, users have been playing this game on mobile for a long time.

It is important that you use a great mobile phone for this game. Players must first meet the requirements of the game, so after the basic essentials, you can use the game on the iOS operating system.

Grand Theft Auto fans are undoubtedly enjoying the game. IOS lovers have long been introducing themselves to a great level of entertainment in a unique way with all the features of this game.

This is attracting more and more players in the GTA series on mobile with its excellent quality and graphics. The story of the game seems easy, but that’s just our idea. The game has to be played with deep thinking otherwise we will not be able to maintain our senses. Play GTA SA and immerse yourself in an open world adventure. It will really take us to a fascinating world where we are free but not in the eyes of the enemy.


Is this GTA SA APK really a real?

With full confidence you will find everything in this game. Now you can easily watch PC, Xbox version in your devices, all you have to do is download the game.

What is meant by GTA San Andreas APK with data highly compressed file?

This is basically an MB version of a file that some players prefer to play with the appropriate file size considering their storage. The 200MB file is considered by players to be a highly compressed file. If you want to access all the features of the game, you must select the OBB file.

Can we install this game on PC?

If you want to install this game on your computer, you need to download GTA San Andreas 700mb. But most importantly, you must have an excellent PC gaming system.

Can we buy the game and install it on our mobile?

Of course if you want to use the premium version of this game you have to pay $10. Then you can easily use GTA San Andres for iOS.


There is no doubt that players are participating in today’s games, but in the current era there is no alternative to the GTA series. That’s why users around the world still love to play this game. The game’s characters, the story, of course, immediately engulf everyone.

If you still think this game is just a thought, then this is the best time to participate and understand the game. GTA San Andreas will take you to the RPG Open World where you will always have to deal with the confusion that comes to your mind.

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