GTA Vice City APK OBB Download For Android

GTA Vice City APK is a Wonderful game in the GTA series, released in 2002 by Rockstar North. In the early days, the game quickly attracted players from all over the world. The highlight of the game was the story of the game, Also, the city where the whole game is played. With so much interest from the players, it became one of the favorite games of the players.

Such games include all games in the GTA series. But growing popularity and strong users demand are forcing any franchise to introduce a mobile version. According to statistics, the current trend of mobile gaming is at its peak. A large number of users now want to play every game on their mobile which is popular all over the world. Gamers believe that enjoying gaming on mobile is more important than gaming devices.

GTA Vice City apk

Introduction to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Storyline

GTA Vice City takes players to 1980 era, where Tommy ventures out to capture the entire city. The main character of the game is a well-known name of Tommy Underworld who wants to spread his fear throughout the city. He wants complete control of the city. The city limits are very large with many places. This includes places like bridges, sea lanes, beaches and clubs. In order to have complete control over all these places, he has to spread fear.

The game will give you features like full Open Word where you have to increase the power. Tommy Vercetti was arrested by police on drug charges. But when he is released from prison, he plans his dangerous goal. He thinks about spending his time in activities that are very dangerous for him. He regularly commits such crimes in order to uphold his decision. In his first activity, Tommy commits a serious robbery with a lot of cash and runs away, but fails to hide all the money.

Tommy decided that he would not keep the money with any of his friends or family members as doing so would definitely put them in danger. He decides to use the money to pay off the debts of the people he borrowed from. This is where the exciting gameplay begins. Throughout his journey, Tommy befriends two people named Lance and Sonny, but later finds out that they are his enemies they want to kill him. So Tommy decided to get rid of them and planned to kill them both.

In the game’s entertainment options, you can also go to the city at random. The game has a lot of great activities for the players who are definitely ready to make the game even better. Game Place Miami will take you to every street or corner where you can steal. As your criminal activities increase, people will follow you, find such people and eliminate them.

About to GTA Vice City APK

The popularity of GTA Vice City APK was so high that it became popular all over the world. The whole game was so great that there was so much for all the players to participate in over and over again. From entertainment to criminal activity is a key part of this game. Players were completely free whenever they participated in the game.

Walking around the city, stealing cars, or robbing the killer, buying weapons, going to the beaches for funs were all the purpose of a gamer. Every game lover has played this game in their past because the story of this game was definitely very special when it was released. Today, when we play the rest of the GTA series, a large number of players still remember the game from its old days. Like GTA 5 and GTA San Andreas, millions of players are still playing GTA Vice City APK.

GTA Vice City APK For Android

The Grand Theft Auto Voice City APK became even more popular when Rockstar North announced the mobile version of the game. That is why even today players are enjoying the adventure of this game with their Smartphone’s.

Accessing the full game is definitely easier today. Therefore, it is important for us to understand every process that makes it easy for us to use GTA VC for mobile.

Given its importance, today we will guide you through the full story of this game and its installation process. If you want to run the universal version on your devices, it will be a great experience for every player.

GTA Vice City APK Features

Players will always be involved in illegal activities during the game. So here are some key parts of the game that play a role in making the game even better.

  • The franchise has done a great job in the field of graphics in the game. High quality graphics offer the best detail of the game; even the smallest detail is brilliantly presented. You will see the full beauty of Miami, Florida on your mobile screen, as well as all the dangerous activities that players have to do in this game.
  • Players will improve the game even more with an excellent control system. The game’s interface definitely provides a friendly atmosphere to every player. You will be able to easily change any important settings that hinder your performance.
  • Players will find innumerable factors to keep themselves engaged in the game. Make sure you expand your activities to more locations. You want a deputy city where your opponents are afraid of you.
  • Take part in small challenges quickly to strengthen your grip. This will definitely help you to know more parts of the game.
  • To make the game more interesting, you need to discover the elements that are hidden from your view. You can use your terror in the game whenever you want to kill someone or threaten the officers. As you increase your criminal thinking, this game will give you a chance to enjoy more.
  • You will find wonderful characters in every part of the game. There are titles that try to find a safe way for you, as well as other characters that will plot to kill you.
  • In the game players will be able to identify people that want to stab you in the back, you need to plan so that you can reach them first.
  • The game introduces interesting and unique weapons that players repeatedly use to thwart enemy operations. You always have to make sure that you have all the weapons that will help you clear the enemy. In addition, you can perform dangerous stunts with weapons. Burst the bullets on the enemy. The game will allow you to do whatever you want. Don’t back down, and put your fear in the mind of the enemies.
  • There are numerous missions that must be completed. At the end of each mission for the players, the players receive valuable rewards which they spend on the needs of the game.
  • It’s a lot of fun when you’re not part of the mission. Go to the beach and enjoy the sea view and gossip with the bikinis girls.
  • Players will do their best to earn extra money in the game. You can rob banks or increase your money by buying property.
  • The best challenge for players is to introduce themselves as bosses in all looting groups. For which they face every threat in the city. You can do this either by eliminating them all or by improving yourself.
  • The more money you have, the more you will find yourself on the path to a better gangster. The game also includes police missions where your job is to steal police vehicles. This will allow you to dodge all the other gangster members and this mission will definitely give you a lot of money.
  • The GTA VC APK also has taxi missions where you can steal cars and save them later. As time goes on, you can increase your money by selling them.
  • There are also maps to explore every part of the game that will definitely help you get acquainted with every corner of the city. So, when you think the police are trying to catch you, you can find a safe way with the help of a map.
  • Stylish bikes, speeding cars, ships, and boats will all make your game more exciting. The great feature of Game Controller will help you gain complete control over the game.
  • There are some stores for mission’s goods. From here, you can choose the right tools for your mission. Everything from clothes to body armor will be readily available, which will protect you from enemy attacks. Our suggestion is to spend your money on such equipment at the beginning of the game.
  • The game gives you the freedom to choose the language according to your local language which is also a special feature of this game.

GTA Vice City OBB Data File

In the process of installing the game, users have to proceed through OBB data file. Therefore, consider the guidance given as necessary and follow it.

  • First download the file from the given link.
  • In the next step, find the downloaded file in your mobile storage, which will be in the file manager.
  • Moving on to the next step, you need to extract the files.
  • The next and most important process, you have to copy the files and paste the files inside the SD card / OBB folder / Android.
  • Now you need to give the OBB folder a name which is very important. You can also view the game’s personal folders in the storage sections. This will be available under this name (com. Rockstar games.gtavc).
  • It is important that you do not open link until the game is fully installed.

GTA Vice City APK Requirments For Android 

Users often overlook some essentials while using the game. As a result, players do not have access to the full game. So here we will mention some of the requirements that must be met.

  • It is important for Android users that if they want to play this game on their mobile, their Android version must be the latest, must be at least above 4.
  • GTA Vice City highly compressed for Android, it is important to have good storage in your Smartphone.
  • The good RAM of your mobile will definitely play a role in making this game run smoothly.
  • Since the game also offers offline feature, you do not need internet when you are playing your game in this mode.
  • However, when you choose multiplayer mode and play game with players from around the world, you need the Internet.
  • You can download GTA Vice City APK for android and iOS through efficient process.


Grand Theft Auto Vice City certainly has a special place in the eyes of players around the world. This game is still considered by gamers to be the most interesting game. Criminal Base Adventure is definitely a great experience for every player. They like to run this old-fashioned invention on their mobile devices. Because there is so much in this game that all the players enthusiastically appreciate this game.

Highlights of the game include 3D graphics and great sounds. In GTA Vice City, start your activities and consider yourself a great player and a great criminal. You will be able to enjoy the full game experience on your Smartphone with Obb and data file. Instantly download game and step into game missions and establish your identity across the city.

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