What You Will Get in the GTA 5 Native Trainer Mod?

Mods allow you to add new functionality in the game or reveal some hidden possibilities by the GTA 5 developers. Operating the GTA 5 native trainer mod is not an easy task, such as controlling character or severe change in the gameplay. However, it might be unlimited access to weapons and money, an infinite supply of character life, etc. In the GTA 5 gameplay, the menu of the Native Trainer mod is activated while pressing the F4 key. All its functionality is divided into several groups. Navigation through the menu is carried out through the digital block keys. If you want to go back from the previous menu, click on the Backspace key or close the menu by pressing the same F4 key. Here is the feature of having GTA 5 native trainer.

GTA 5 native trainer

About GTA 5 Native Trainer

Change the player

It allows us to switch into another character or wear different outfits; you can even play as animals or birds in GTA 5. You can instantly upgrade all possible abilities of a character using unlimited power. The mod even allows you to turn off the attention to your person completely – do whatever you want, and no one will bother you.

Different weapon

The Weapon subsection allows us to get all the weapons possible in the GTA 5 native trainer mod. When invulnerability is activated, the chaos can continue until you are fed up. You can activate rockets on any vehicle you are currently driving.

Extend the time

The time subsection allows us to play around setting the time of day one hour forward or backward. You can even stop the time or sync it with your local time. If you’re struggling with explosions, switch to nighttime when explosive animations are most spectacular.

Move to another world

The World subsection allows you to globally change the force of gravity in the GTA 5 Native Trainer mod. This is just a fantastic opportunity to have an extraordinary gaming experience. A simple kick in the butt of a pedestrian sends him flying; transport can knock down crowds of people and watch them fly and swear.

Manage weather

The Weather subsection is responsible for weather management. The settings are vibrant. We can turn on the wind at our own will, set the weather from sunny to thunderstorms and blizzards. This allows you to diversify the gameplay of the sunny city of Los Santos and its surroundings.

How to Install the Native Trainer Mod?

If you want to install GTA 5 native trainer mod, you need third-party plugins, and for this manner, you need to install the Script Hook V library. The process is so easy as shelling pears to do.

  • First, you need to install the Script Hook V, including the Native Trainer mod file
  • Achieve the content to the root folder of your GTA 5.
  • Press the F4 key to access the mod menu.
  • Start the game in storyline mode.

Wrapping up

Nowadays, the trend in GTA 5 is gaining popularity because of its wealthiest possibilities. Those players who don’t know how to install the GTA 5 Native Trainer mod need to watch YouTube videos within a couple of moments – everything is simple and easy.

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