GTA 5 Missions Complete List And How to Get Started

When GTA V, released, it made a lot of noise. At the time of release, it was the best-selling game. And how many awards it has earned – do not count. The popularity does not decrease in 2020 either. New gamers come to the world of GTA. Everyone has heard that the game is quite long. Therefore, one of the most popular questions for beginners is how many missions are there in GTA 5? There are 72 main ones. There are even more side ones. Let’s figure out what these gta 5 missions are.

GTA 5 Missions

GTA 5 Missions List

The storyline in GTA V consists of about 72 missions.

  1. Prologue
  2. Franklin and Lamar
  3. Repossession
  4. Complications
  5. Father-Son
  6. Chop
  7. The Long Stretch
  8. Marriage Counseling
  9. Daddy’s Little Girl
  10. Friend Request
  11. Casing the Jewel Store
  12. BZ Gas Grenades
  13. Bugstars Equipment
  14. Carbine Rifles
  15. The Jewel Store Job – Smart
  16. Mr. Philips
  17. Nervous Ron
  18. Trevor Philips Industries
  19. Crystal Maze
  20. Friends Reunited
  21. Fame or Shame
  22. Dead Man Walking
  23. Did Somebody Say Yoga
  24. Hotel Assassination
  25. The Multi-Target Assassination
  26. Three’s Company
  27. Hood Safari
  28. By the Book
  29. Scouting the Port
  30. Minisub
  31. Cargobob
  32. The Merryweather Heist (Off-shore)
  33. Trash Truck
  34. Boiler Suits
  35. Masks
  36. Tow Truck
  37. Blitz Play
  38. Mr. Richards
  39. I Fought the Law
  40. Eye in the Sky
  41. The Vice Assassination
  42. The Bus Assassination
  43. Caida Libre
  44. Deep Inside
  45. Minor Turbulence
  46. The Construction Assassination
  47. Paleto Score Setup
  48. Military Hardware
  49. Predator
  50. The Paleto Score
  51. Derailed
  52. Monkey Business
  53. Hang Ten
  54. Surveying the Score
  55. Bury the Hatchet
  56. Pack Man
  57. Fresh Meat
  58. The Ballad of Rocco
  59. Cleaning Out the Bureau
  60. Reuniting the Family
  61. Architect’s Plans
  62. Firetruck (Firetruck Access)
  63. The Bureau Raid (Firetruck Access)
  64. Legal Trouble
  65. The Bureau Raid (Rooftop Access)
  66. The Wrap Up
  67. Lamar Down
  68. Meltdown
  69. Driller
  70. Sidetracked
  71. The Big Score
  72. The Third Way

Briefly about the Characters and plot

We will be told about three robbers – Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. In addition to the fact that each of them has their background, which will constantly pop up in passing, they also have different skills. Perks, if you like.

  • Franklin

Slowing down while driving. This makes it much easier to enter corners and break away from the police.

  • Michael

Slow down while aiming. Great during shootouts.

  • Trevor

An adrenaline maniac who can vent his anger at others, falling into a rage. The damage from his attacks is doubled, and all he received is reduced by exactly half. An interesting feature of the game is that you can switch between characters at any time, except when they are busy with their own business. The plot explains this, so there will be no unexpected disappearance of the character. The gamer can always guess which of them is free and who can be used. You can switch even during missions.

Each character has enough story missions. And most of them refer to only one protagonist. But there are those in which two or even all three participants at the same time. If earlier missions were of the same type, the developers paid a lot of attention to this particular side of the gameplay.

Throughout the passage, there are only a few missions that are similar to each other. For the most part, these are different adventures in which you have to invent new tactics and quickly respond to new environmental conditions. All the game’s missions bring us to the final one – the robbery of the Federal Vault. Before the end of the plot, the gamer is presented with one more mission. In it, he can make a choice:

  • Help the FRB and kill Trevor;
  • Obey Devin Watson’s order and kill Michael;
  • Bump the heads of lawyers and bandits and save Trevor with Michael.

Regardless of which of the endings the gamer chooses, he will have the opportunity to continue the game after completing the storyline. San Andreas is filled with interesting side missions and all sorts of secrets. Therefore, to stop playing at this point would be a sheer crime from Rockstar.

In the 5th part, the developers decided not to add difficult missions to the story campaign. The game should be relaxing, not stressful, thought Rockstar and gave up tasks like helicopter rides in Vice City or catching a brother from a fire truck in San Andreas. But they made it quite difficult to complete the flight school.

For gamers who play the game on PC, this is a real pain. But the task can be greatly facilitated by simply connecting the gamepad to the computer. On the joystick, everything becomes much easier. And yes, don’t forget about trimming. Use it more often instead of roll – and everything will work out.

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