Top Three GTA 5 Characters Reviews & Special Abilities

Although GTA 5 is a part of a chain with admired video games which is a center of attention on the exciting storyline and fascinating of GTA 5 characters. The GTA 5 creators represent many playable characters with different persona and rescue attributes that make them charismatic. The aim is to stimulate the player’s eagerness and know about three individuals’ existence during the gameplay.

GTA 5 Characters

Top 3 GTA 5 Characters

There are three leading GTA 5 characters and many other central, supporting, and minor characters that inherit from GTA 4. Although, three payable characters of GTA 5 comes with the improved version from the previous series. GTA 5 portrays three main characters in uncomplicated ways; here are the explanation of these characters.

Michael De Santa

The first top-rated GTA 5 character is Michael De Santa in GTA 5. Michael is a middle-aged man who is a character of the robber, professional offender struggling to live every day and local family life in Los Santos, which is a duplicate of Southern California after the Great American downfall that started in 2008.

Coincidently Michael meets Franklin Clinton, a young African American and previously part of a street crime group attempting to raise the criminal class. Michael’s previous criminal partner is Trevor Philips, who is Canadian-American insane, unsteady and harmful person. He rejoins with Michael and accepts to go into the snatching business with Franklin as the new crew mate.

Franklin Clinton

The second main character is Franklin Clinton. This is a character of a young person that was raised as a street criminal. Franklin believed that he was capable of doing something more significant than the people around him.

In GTA 5, Franklin has full right to show some extent. He is concerned about how companies follow ethical ways to do corruption in legal ways. Micheal and franklin made the perfect match because franklin is the best driver.

Trevor Philips

The third is Trevor Philips. This character is an aggressive and psychotic person. In the past, Trevor was in the army and planned peace enforcement. He doesn’t have compensatory skills, so this character is struggling for social acceptance.

His adventurous nature makes Trevor’s personality different from other persons, and his masters in his skills help him survive in dangerous situations.

Wrapping up

GTA 5 is an updated version that is more interesting and demanded from its previous version. In this, advanced tools and characters are added up in the game, making people more attracted to play this game. Outdated versions cause unnecessary crashes to the game buy in the advanced version; players get support.

In GTA 5, developers have developed the game to make their own server and their own story according to the players’ requirements. The above discusses top GTA 5 characters are the most demanded playable characters

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