Top GTA 5 Gangs Names and Their Location

GTA 5 Gangs: The GTA series is a popular name that has always been popular because of its true experiences and wonderful elements. Rockstar Games has always considered this series to be a never ending series because despite the passage of time, the popularity of all its games is still maintained today. That is why we have seen all the masterpieces of this series till date and there is still a lot in the world of sports which the players may not know about yet.

Therefore, in view of this importance, we will provide complete information about GTA 5 Gangs to all our users in today’s article. If you play all the games of GTA, you will surely know every character, every mods, every gang of this game, with amazing abilities. Let’s talk about all these groups without wasting time.

GTA 5 Gangs

Top GTA 5 Gangs


It is an African-American group occupying the remote hills of Chamberlain. This group definitely has a special place because of their fears and anxieties. Users will be aware of the presence of many characters in this gang as this gang is a complete network which is always aware of  illegal activities. Franklin Clinton is one of the main characters who is always expanding his relationship with Lamar Davis and Stretch.

The gang’s main job is to participate in central conflicts include street shootings, robberies and drug trafficking activities. Balas and Vagos are the real enemies of this organization which is besieging them all the time.


Ballas is known for his distinctive costumes and classic cars, the African-American gang is influential on the streets of Los Santos. The community’s locations are Ballas-Davies and partly strawberry, which have always been popular due to conflicts with other groups. This gang always retaliates against the enemy and always tries to keep its influence in the hands of all kinds of people.

Los Santos Vagos

The largest Mexican gang on the coast that has always been known for its power and mentality. This group is based on Surenos who always pays tribute to the mafia and cooperates in every possible way. The characters of this gang are hostile to other groups but the time when they do not fight with each other is jail. Vagos is located in Southern California, but they are also present in California, Nevada, Arizona and Texas. He is in constant contact with the Mexican drug cartel and is involved in many other crimes.

Marabunta Grande

International criminal gang that are always fighting the enemy with force. This gang is also called real life gang and is currently known as MS-13. The gang was formed to protect Salvadoran immigrants from other groups in the Los Angeles area. But the gravity of the situation turned the group into a dangerous criminal organization. The gang is currently growing in several states, including the United States, Canada, Mexico and parts of Central America.


The Aztecs are a Central American gang. The highlight of this group is the gang members who are in the millions almost all the time. The gang is also linked to the Mexican mafia in the United States, Central America, Mexico and the United States. Gang members are often involved in the arms trade and like to wear clothes that are special to their body And they like to ride old cars in their area.


Lost Mc is known for always taking part in everything that happens on a motorbike. Most bikers in GTA 5 are associated with this gang. The gang is based in blaine County. They are always involved in criminal activities on the narrow streets and always do dangerous stunts to prove their worth.

Armenian mafia

The Armenian gang is considered less dangerous and appears in GTA 5 online in story mode. The members of this group are spread all over La Puerta. The main character of this gang is Simon who meets the main character of the game throughout the story and assures him of all kinds of support.

Bonelli Family

Italian-American family run by Enzo Bonelli. The strength of his family is connected in many parts and you will see his members all over the city. It is fully armed and is known for its special dress and rigidity.

Madrazo Cartel

The gang, led by Martin Madrazo, is involved in drug trafficking and other activities. The gang’s main enemies are Michael de Santa and Travar Phillips. Go to the land of this group and fight their conspiracies with your strength.


The gang is made up of Chinese residents who think their activities are not too dangerous. But in some parts of the game, the group’s performance is clearly visible. The organization is known for its dangerous conspiracies and has a special place in its territory.


The group is involved in arms and drug trafficking and considers the gang its main enemy, other gangs such as Families, Madraso and the FBI, and they often quarrel with each other.

O’neill Brothers

The gang is known for its special family members and its location in rural areas in the north of the state. With Trevor’s support, most are found in destructive activities. This group is based on a large number of dangerous weapons and always causes the destruction of peace.

Final Words

GTA 5 gangs definitely play a role in making the most important part of the game more dangerous. Users have to travel to these territories with the help of special maps to encounter these organizations. So face them in gameplay or online mode and turn the game experience into a more exciting activity.

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