GTA 5 Simple Trainer – Best Top 3 Trainers

GTA 5 Simple Trainer designed to make the game easier, for quick access to the necessary functions, the trainer is equally useful when passing the game; for example, if you are killed in some mission, and during entertainment, you can become immortal to kill everyone and everything. According to your wish, you can become immortal, turn off the police, spawn any car, and much more.

Many call them a trainer is a program or mod for GTA 5 PC that allows you to control the game that is not available to the player. You don’t need to enter codes because the most important tricks are hidden in a convenient menu that will appear in the game immediately after installing the trainer.

GTA 5 Simple Trainer

Why does GTA 5 simple trainer seem the best choice?

Everyone loves to play naughty sometimes in their favorite game. There are special plug-ins – GTA 5 simple trainers that can activate very funny things in GTA 5. Connect the superpower mode and throw the cars over the horizon with an ordinary kick, like the Hulk. Control the weather, time, the amount of money in your wallet.

With a light press of a key, shoot the helicopters and the crowds of police pursuit, which were exhausted after an already difficult robbery. List endless shops, all weapons, teleport to any place, bottomless bags of money, and even rockets to your car. Explode and destroy everything around, subjugate the laws of the Grand Theft Auto 5 universe.

Top 3 GTA 5 Trainers on PC

Simple Trainer

Simple Trainer is an easy-to-use script trainer for GTA V with extensive spawn options for game objects and default settings.


  • Installation of a speedometer on the screen
  • 12 car models will spawn
  • A mobile radio
  • Teleportation to the active point of the mission
  • Weather and time management
  • Choice of color and tuning of cars.

Trainer Menyoo PC [SP]

Trainer Menyoo PC [SP] is a multifunctional mod that gives almost limitless possibilities to the player. Many of the opportunities that open up will be surprising, for example, a cannon that destroys a building.


  • Weather control
  • Teleportation
  • Unique transport
  • Free camera mode
  • Unusual abilities of the character.

Enhanced Native Trainer

Another trainer for GTA 5, based on the most popular Native Trainer. The creator has posted it open source for all modders, so it gets updated frequently.


  • Customizing the character’s skin
  • A set of options for spawning and
  • Improving transport
  • Teleportation on the map of Los Santos
  • The ability to save the appearance of the characters
  • Loads settings for multiple users
  • Supports controllers.

Installation instructions for GTA V Trainer

  • Script Hook V must be installed on the computer
  • Download the archive with the mod.
  • Copy the trainer files to the root folder of Grand Theft Auto V.
  • Start the game.

All GTA 5 simple trainers are tested and ready to download. Each plugin has detailed installation instructions and descriptions of the features it includes. The section is regularly updated with the release of new trainers.

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