GTA: Chinatown Wars APK + OBB Download For Android

When it comes to action games, surely all the games in the GTA series are a must-choice for any gamer. Action-packed and open-world, all Rockstar Games titles have certainly grown their fan following in the gaming industry. Thus in Liberty City, San Andreas and other games players enter the game with full enthusiasm. But if you want to participate in another title where you get an open world, then start GTA Chinatown Wars APK now. There was a time when all Grand Theft Auto games were available only for major platforms but the rapidly changing times and everyone’s trend towards mobile devices has made it much easier for mobile.

Introduction of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars 

This brilliant invention of Rockstar Games has enthralled the players since its inception due to the game’s story and brilliant mechanics. The themes used in the game definitely give a different impression to all the gamers and the visuals of the game add to the matter. This game has been considered as successful and brilliant in every aspect, which is why this game was quite a surprise for every player in the beginning. Gamers will find themselves on a perilous journey in this game where dangers and survival are crucial at every stage. The story of the game revolves around a family affair and it leads to an endless journey through it.

GTA Chinatown Wars APK

About to GTA: Chinatown Wars APK

GTA: Chinatown Wars APK world consists of an open world like the rest of the title and in this too the players have to face multiple gangs, police, robbers and many others at a time. The challenge here is to protect yourself from all the dangers of the game and increase your resources for the entire battles. A number of refreshment activities have been added to the game for the players where they can easily engage their protagonist. The real adventure in the game starts when the family gets out of control and everyone wants to kill the other members.

Keeping yourself safe throughout the process and ramping up the rage of revenge is what this game requires. Theft, robbery, mysterious activities, attacks; players will enjoy many other elements in this game and will keep themselves busy till the completion of all the missions. High-resolution graphics and stunning music are also key aspects of this title where players find the entire experience and environment to be realistic.

Game Plot

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is about passing on the family sword to another person. This easy-to-understand process is actually quite complex and many characters have to go through many dangers. The main character of the game is Huang Lee. His family is quite wealthy and has been quite popular in Hong Kong for centuries due to its influence. But the growing forces in city have killed Lee’s father, and the chaos in the city has weakened his family.

After all this, the Lee family fell into great difficulty and gradually lost their wealth. But the situation demands that all situations be evaluated and all scenarios identified. The first and foremost task is to find out the causes and effects of his father’s death. As the secret slowly unfolds, it will surely be quite surprising as it involves a family member and it is Wu Lee. But all this will not last long as war has been declared and you must fight all Liberty City forces to keep your family identity strong.

The most important group in the game is that of the Triads, which span a considerable area and all of their members are known for increasing difficulty and killing attacks. Kenny, Zhou Ming, Ling Shan and many more are characters who play important roles in every aspect of the game.

GTA: Chinatown Wars APK For Android and iOS Mobile

Today anyone with just a great mobile can play any Rockstar title and complete countless tasks in the game world. There is no doubt that millions of players are participating in all the GTA games and enjoying the action as well as a lot of fun. Players will immerse themselves in the fun of this game and engage themselves in countless missions. Most importantly, Android and iOS users can easily try this game on mobile devices and engage themselves in countless activities in the game world and win countless challenges.

The game will take the players to an ever changing situation where the situation can be in your favor as well as in the opposite direction. Gamers will discover multiple initiatives to make the game deeper and more positive, and equip themselves with all the skills to fight against powerful forces.

Features GTA: Chinatown Wars APK

Mini Games

Due to the open world, the game offers a variety of experiences, including various mini-games for the players. Players can count themselves in all the activities to ensure their progress in the game and fulfill the important needs. This game feature will take the players to explore and deepen the gameplay and make the adventure more exciting with the help of effects. Theft, robbery and looting are integral aspects of the game and all play a vital role in fulfilling the needs of the players.

Vast Map

GTA: Chinatown Wars world consists of endless terrain for the players. Most importantly, players have to explore multiple locations in the game and all this is possible from the map. Explore buildings, discos, ocean, and beaches and take steps to make the adventure worthwhile. Thanks to this feature, players will find people in the game that will play an important role in providing them facilities and get all kinds of equipment.

Take part in exciting missions

To make your adventure faster every moment, the game has also added a number of missions that will offer unique action in every way. Players will find themselves in all kinds of situations in the game, be it a police mission or killing other people. Fight dangerous gangs and find elements you want to eliminate to make your performance more positive. Every moment of the game is full of dangers where countless forces are behind you and they want to kill you. Ensuring your survival and defeating the enemy’s tactics is the main strategy and requires you to plan brilliantly.

Weapons and ammunition

The challenges of the game will force the players to acquire all the weapons from the beginning. The main target in the game is the countless enemies that have powers and their countless members are everywhere. Players need to take their battles to streets, roads and everywhere and kill enemies one by one. In this process it is necessary to have resources and weapons to ensure your survival and win all the competitions. GTA: Chinatown Wars MOD APK allows players to kill their enemies with rifles, guns, grenades, knives and many other weapons.

Access to vehicles

Using cars, bikes, helicopters, ships, and many other vehicles will make it easy to change your direction or attack enemies in the game. Like other GTA games, players will find a variety of rides in this title, which are meant to make their adventure more spectacular. Users will be able to easily use this feature and also discover more rides and connect with dealers’ professionals.

Running from the police

When the game world consists of various influences, it is of course important to avoid all government forces. In the game, players have to fight enemies one at a time while remaining hidden from the police, FBI and SWAT officials. The forces involved in the game make various attempts to prevent collisions and arrange various traps to capture the enemies.


The graphics of the game are the most prominent feature for the players where HD and high resolution visuals make the game more enjoyable. The players will feel the reality in all the activities of the game and find themselves as the powerful player of the real crime world.

Download & Install GTA: Chinatown Wars APK + OBB Data

Users must complete the process of installing this game on mobile devices correctly. So, follow the instructions given in this case and enjoy the game. Download GTA Chinatown Wars APK OBB Highly Compressed and enjoy.

  • Download the APK file provided earlier.
  • After that the next step is to download the obb file. (Note: It is important not to open the APK file which is already complete).
  • Once the obb file download is complete, place the OBB file here and extract and run the APK file.
  • After all this process go to download folder in file manager find GTA Chinatown Wars OBB ZIP file.
  • Finally, move it to “sdcard/Android/OBB” folder and complete the installation.


By progressing the game in a positive way, Lee’s importance will definitely increase and all the necessary items will be easily obtained in time. The key to winning the game is to adapt your plan to the environment and check the movements of the enemies. Thanks to the simple controls and mechanics, Android gamers will definitely be able to overcome all the dangers of the game.

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