GTA: Liberty City Stories APK + OBB 2.4 Download For Android

GTA Liberty City Stories APK will offer players all kinds of resources to enable themselves in the most extreme environments and successfully complete all the challenges, that will help you thwart the enemy’s plan. Each episode of the Grand Theft Auto series introduces players to the world’s new gaming environment. It’s been a long time since the whole series but all these games are still in the hearts of the players and there are many games that were played in childhood and are still being played by the players today.

GTA Liberty City Stories APK

Introduction GTA Liberty City Stories

The story of GTA games definitely attracts players as the world of each game forces them to participate in mafia experiences. In all games, players get an action-packed gameplay in which players can take their adventures to any level. In this game too, players will find themselves part of a world where everything is moving towards chaos over time. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories was launched in 2005 and its story revolves around great elements.

Players will engage in many activities in the game at a time as the main plot of the game is to conquer the city from the mafia family, merchants, and thugs. The concept of the game is based on an imaginary city where players find themselves in a realistic and dangerous profession.

There is a gangster atmosphere throughout the game and the locals and opponents want to kill you. In view of the local dangers, players join the game with their main character and in order to protect themselves from all kinds of conspiracies and difficulties, they adapt themselves to all kinds of environments.

Similarly, the growing influence of rivals will allow players to participate in legal and illegal activities. The main character of this game is Tony Kipriani who killed a powerful mafia in the city a long time ago and later went into hiding to avoid arrest. Changing circumstances and the pursuit of revenge by various groups brought him back to the liberty city.

GTA Liberty City Stories APK 

Enemy groups are rapidly taking over the region and everyone is engaged in assassination attempts to show their rule. It is basically a game of influence where the real purpose of every group, gang, and mafia is to do all sorts of things to maintain their rule. Throughout this process, Tony’s goal is to stop all these forces and regain control of the city. The whole process involved frustration, suspense, adventure, fighting, theft, robbery and running away from the police.

Involvement in every part of the game from time to time becomes a necessity of the game as this is where the players face dangers from all sides. Countless families and forces always plan to kill each other and the players make themselves part of a different process to avenge the process. Players will discover many challenges and missions during the game where they will have opportunities to join new directions and paths. Each player will be free for all kinds of activities and everyone’s main goal is to fight and eliminate enemies.

In GTA Liberty City Stories APK, Leone Family, Sindacco Family, Sicilian Mafia, and Yakuza are the main gangs. Explore the game in depth to break all these networks and eliminate all their members. In addition, your survival is important because snipers are stationed in open fields, high-rise buildings that aim to eliminate you. It is also important to avoid the police and increase your resources rapidly. For this process, there are many options and activities in the game that must be participated in. Make your loyal teammates part of the game and go to discos and bars with young ladies and enjoy the game in every way.

GTA Liberty City Stories APK

Features of GTA Liberty City Stories APK

Different sets of vehicles

Rockstar games include unique and rare types of vehicles in their entire series, so the level of entertainment in these games is very different. In this game, players will also find unique and wonderful types of heaven and earth vehicles. With sports cars, sedan cars, motorbikes, trucks, airplanes, helicopters and many other types of vehicles, athletes can easily take their adventures anywhere.

Excellent controls

All the games in the GTA series are played by players on PSP, XBOX or PC as they gain excellent control over every action. Since the game was also introduced for the official mobile version, players will get an excellent system that will give them the best quality in the game. Players can easily complete their game activities and experiences, so it will be very easy to easily change your movements or become familiar with many other aspects at once.

All kinds of weapons

Protecting yourself from the enemy in danger and difficulties and preventing them is possible only with weapons. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories will provide players with a variety of processes to acquire countless types of weapons. Similarly, gamers are free to use guns, ammunition, explosives, rifles, and many other weapons. Similarly, you can shop for more dangerous weapons where players will have the opportunity to get heavy machine guns, grenades and lots of ammunition.

Different Maps

There is no single limit to the game; rather players will find themselves in high places, streets, beaches and many other places. There are many places in the game that need to be visited on time. To understand the whole process, maps have been included in the game so that you can measure your imagination and find many places. Find the enemy’s hideout or get ready to trap them. You can easily do all this to eliminate them.

Acquisition of resources

In order to fight the enemies in the game, all kinds of needs must be met in a timely manner. GTA: Liberty City Stories APK will offer key options and tasks to keep players engaged in finding and acquiring resources. Get as much money as you can to make rapid progress in this matter and for that you can steal from the bank or steal valuables. A rapid increase in your resources will play a role in keeping you positive in the game.

Multiple Missions

Players will prepare themselves for the game before taking part in countless missions where you will have a number of combat tasks. Players are given dangerous challenges all the time and players use all their energies to meet them and elevate their character. Take part in various thrilling competitions where you have to stay ahead of everything despite obstacles and prepare yourself to eliminate enemies.

Graphics and textures

The best thing about this game for players is the high resolution graphics. Players will be realistic about everything in this wonderful world that aims to understand themselves in the real story. Gamers will find all their experiences in the game world in a wonderful way with a colorful environment for every action. Also important is the music used in the game where you will enjoy the action to the fullest.

GTA Liberty City Stories APK

Download & Install GTA Liberty City Stories APK + OBB Data

In order to install the game correctly, you must use each action correctly and start the game after the appropriate action. Here we will provide important information to the players so that you can run correctly and download the GTA: Liberty City Stories APK.

  • First, click on the APK file and download it
  • After the download is complete, the next step is to install but you do not need to open the file until the OBB file starts.
  • After completing the APK file process, place the OBB file here
  • Extract OBB and Run the APK file.
  • Go to the download folder of your mobile and find the GTA Liberty City OBB ZIP file.
  • Ater that, move it to the “sdcard/Android/OBB” folder.
  • You have now configured the game folder and here you will have easy access to all game files.


Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories will introduce players to the world of action where your goal is to immerse yourself in various experiences to increase your importance. Confront opponents in the game and plan to kill them. Make sure you survive in this world of bullying and mobs. It is important for every athlete to increase their status and importance in the world of game, especially when the risks are increasing. Android gamers can easily install this great title and immerse themselves in this open world adventure.

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