GTA 4 APK + OBB Download For Android Latest Version

GTA 4 is an action game released by Rockstar Games. This title also impressed the players a lot. A large number of players bought the game and played it on PC, XBOX and praised the game in wonderful words. Although a lot of time has passed, this does not mean that the game is boring in any way. Even today, players play their part in this wonderful invention and conquer every part of the game. Involve yourself in all sorts of activities and enjoy different ways to show your importance in the game environment. Choose GTA 4 APK Mobile for Android or iOS and become a member of the criminal world.

The Story of GTA 4 APK Mobile Game

Grand Theft Auto IV introduces new activities, locations and tasks for players. Each game in the GTA series has a special identity which is called crime game. Players have been fascinated by this game since the beginning of the game, where all the visuals are beautifully arranged.

GTA IV APK was released a few years after its older game GTA 3, and its popularity has always been as high as the company expected. Players will not only be immersed in Liberty City again, but will also have the opportunity to perform in New York City. In this game too, your identity will be the cause of your popularity and at every moment you will have to complete innumerable actions.

Players will go to various locations and start illegal operations and deal with enemies throughout the process. Every moment of the game will tell players why this is a world of theft and robbery. The main purpose of the players is to assess the risks and use their thinking and strategy to deal with them.

Grand Theft Auto IV APK offers players a variety of missions, challenges and levels, with different goals each time. Discover the game and take your fun to the wonderful environment and always choose different options to keep yourself busy all the time.


Different Characters of GTA 4 APK

The characters of each game in the GTA series are specially discussed in every discussion. GTA 4 also has a long list of characters that play a key role in enhancing the game’s atmosphere. If we talk about the main character of the game, he is Niko Bellic. Niko is a Serbian immigrant and he is known as a good fighter in any situation.

Changing circumstances and the reality of life draw him to Liberty City. His cousin Roman Bellic invites niko to stay with him. But here too the difficulties for him are not only less but more than before and he helps his cousin in every difficulty and trouble.

The game also features the character of Little Jacob who is an arms dealer and always provides every weapon to the main character of the game. In addition, McReary, Brucie Kibbutz, Carmen Ortiz, Alex Chilton and many more characters will be involved in all the activities of the game.

GTA 4 APK Missions

The highlight of this game is the many missions for the players that make the environment tough in every way. Players will be part of action-packed activities where you have to deal with different situations and defeat different gangs. Niko will take part in more than 80 missions with other characters that will take the game to more dangerous action every moment. Each mission involves going to different locations and confronting enemies.

Likewise, sometimes your friends can cheat on you. Every fight has a different process that can start and end differently. The first step is to meet friends who can help or provide you with resources at any time. Every journey without resources can be dangerous because every power in the game has dangerous equipment. Guns, cars, bikes, ships, ammunition, ships and much more are involved in every step of the game.

Similarly, the game also includes various modes that allow you to combine your fun with local and international players. Upgrade yourself with the latest stuff. Choose a gym for exercise or a club for fun. In the same way you have to make money in each part which makes it easier for you to use the important part of the game.

Features of Grand Theft Auto IV APK

Multiple smooth controls

Gameplay always gives players easy controls over numerous activities. Players move to change themselves for every action in the game, including robbery or stealing valuables. GTA 4 APK will provide players with countless opportunities where every action involves crime. Adapt yourself to all kinds of environments and succeed in every endeavor.

An atmosphere of guilt and fear

GTA 4 Mobile includes innumerable locations for players of all kinds where players are free to go. Turn to buildings, streets, beaches and many other places to further your journey. Every activity of the game will force the players to go everywhere to achieve their goal. For extra refreshments, discover new places and spend some time with your friends.

Extensive map

Every action of the game is arranged with maps. Players will use maps to increase their activity and take their adventures to new levels. Players must find and get to new parts of the game to enhance their identity and importance. Don’t limit your activity to specific locations, but search each section using a map.

Extra activities for each mission

The biggest reason why all GTA games are called Open World is that new tasks and missions await you every time. In this game the players get to see all this, where each character has a story and each character has different missions in which the players have to take part. Players will always find themselves everywhere where the next step is to plan and discover something. In addition to fighting, take part in many side missions and rule the game world with your character.

Huge stockpile of vehicles and weapons

When you regularly engage yourself in all kinds of sports activities. Your next goal is to get all the tools you need at any given time. Each element of the game has its own identity, but like the rest of the GTA games, this game has a variety of vehicles and weapons. Players’ job is to make it easier to access important equipment. Players will have access to all weapons and will have all kinds of tools to fight the enemy.

HD Graphics

High resolution HD graphics make this game better for all visuals. Players will find all parts of the game colorful where everything always tells a true story. The graphics of the game definitely make the whole game process more realistic where every step you take is always for the right purpose. Discover all parts of the game and complete all your tasks in a real environment to make yourself more enjoyable.



You always have to follow the right steps throughout the process for a GTA 4 highly compressed file. With OBB data and APK file, you can easily use GTA 4 Mobile on your Android and iOS devices. Complete the given process and move on.

  • APK file is your first step in this process, so download the file.
  • Once the download is complete, your next step is to open the APK file.
  • The next and most important step is to move on to the installation.
  • After the installation process is complete, the next step is to place the OBB file here.
  • For the fourth process you need to extract the OBB file.
  • After this process is complete, you need to run the APK file.

How To Install GTA 4 APK Mobile?

  • Enable unknown sources in mobile settings.
  • Your mobile must have ES Explorer. If it is not, please install it on your mobile first.
  • Next, save all game settings to the GTA 4 zip folder.
  • To complete the installation, extract the file to OBB.
  • You have successfully completed the installation process. Play and have fun.

Final Touch

Players love this game because it is still popular. The beauty of the game can be gauged from participating in the game. Once you step into the game you will surely have the opportunity to get to know and participate in all the parts of the game. Start GTA 4 APK and complete every action in the game world with Niko.

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