GTA 3 APK OBB Data 1.9 Download For Android (Latest)

The GTA 3 is a great invention of the Rockstar Games that gained much popularity in the beginning. Despite the passage of time, players like to mention this game. Even today, players like to buy this game and want to conquer the world of this game. Players can even choose GTA 5, GTA San Andreas and GTA vice City but Grand Theft Auto III has its own style and fun. We all know that all GTA games have been released on short platforms but that does not mean that players cannot play all these games on their mobile devices. In today’s article we will explain the easy way to get the game for Android and IOS users. So users will use simple process and use GTA 3 APK on their devices. But before that, let’s take a look at the story of this game.

Introduction of Grand Theft Auto III APK Mobile Game

The entire GTA series is about the open world and crime, with a painful story behind each character’s life. Every moment of the game leads the players to the danger where powerful forces are ready to face you. Theft, robbery, bullying, all this happens in the game. Players are ready to be a part of every illegal activity and want to raise their status in every way. The story of Grand Theft Auto 3 APK also revolves around the same activities where every player wants to challenge the enemies of the open world by putting himself in danger. Players will find themselves at every level of danger where fierce fighting is always waiting for you.

The game presents players with countless challenges and missions to fight Liberty City’s underworld mafia. Your goal in the game is to mark every action that seeks to end your life. Weapons, ships, bombs, motorbikes, cars, and many more that you are free to use. Discover all parts of the game and explore different locations through maps. GTA 3 APK will provide players with countless opportunities to be immersed in a fantastic and never ending adventure.


GTA 3 APK Characters

The main character of the game is Claude Speed. Also, Catalina is playing the role of Claude’s girlfriend in the game. Another of the game’s most important characters is Miguel, who has a place in the criminal world and always helps to carry out robberies. In addition, the role of 8 balls belongs to the ammunition business and plays an important role in the game.

In addition, there are many men and women who play important roles in the story of the game. Each character is associated with some action and the purpose of each character is to create more curiosity in the game. Most importantly, the Leon family and the Yakuza play a key role in every aspect of this game. These characters have special gangs, so the players aim to compete and break these networks.

Step into Liberty City

The story of the game begins with an act of theft where the main character is betrayed by his girlfriend. Because of this, Claude decided to take revenge. All the activities of the game go through different stages. Wherever you are, whether it is day or night, you will always find yourself facing enemies. Claude’s goal is to establish his position throughout the city and to keep himself ahead of the enemy at all times. It is not easy to ignore the criminals, so the first thing to do is to understand their whereabouts and examine every path.

After that, Claude starts working for different groups and helps in all illegal activities. But in the process, all of a sudden, his friends become Claude’s enemies and try to kill him. Each character has its own place in the game world. Each character has his own ability. Likewise, every character is part of the black business and it is normal to be involved in crime. During the game players will always be engaged in various missions where your job is to keep yourself in danger at all times.

GTA 3 APK Missions

Players can take part in various missions after discovering the full part of the game. The whole game is full of action where players can enjoy adventure as well as fun. Players turn to different places in the game world where they get a chance to meet the mastermind of illegal activities. First players can turn to Portland where the whole area is full of thugs and dangerous people. This way player can go to staunton Island which is a famous place of Liberty City and here players get a chance to compete with powerful forces.

There are also side missions for players where players will keep themselves busy completing various tasks. Fight the opposing forces with all your might and always confuse every enemy. Grand Theft Auto 3 APK invites you to take your adventure from the streets to the roads and buildings. Always avoid the police and always keep yourself equipped with all the tools and weapons.

GTA 3 APK Features

  • Players can easily control every part of the game with smooth control. Similarly, gamers can make various purchases by stealing anything of value.
  • Stealing, robbery is important in every action of the game, so improve your adventure without any hassle.
  • High quality HD graphics that make the game world more spectacular and more appealing to players.
  • All kinds of vehicles that players can use in each of their missions, especially sports cars and bikes.
  • Each stage of the game provides players with extra fun and refreshment.
  • Players can earn money from any open process which helps the players to customize the parts of the game.
  • The sound gives a realistic feel to all activities.
  • Freedom of movement in the vast world of game.

GTA 3 OBB File Download

For GTA 3 Mobile, players must complete the entire download process. To properly install the game, players will complete the entire process and then move on to the next step.

  • Download the APK file first.
  • Then you need to open the APK file.
  • Then you have to go to the next step of installation.
  • Place the OBB file here after the installation is complete.
  • After that, Extract the OBB file.
  • When the extraction process is complete, run the APK file.

Install GTA 3 APK

  • First, You must enable unknown sources from the mobile settings
  • The existence of ES Explorer is essential for the whole process.
  • After that, you will see all the game settings in the GTA 3 zip folder.
  • Open the folder and go to the next step.
  • Finally, extract the file to OBB to complete the installation.


Grand Theft Auto III forces players to move into a world full of action, where each player has a lot of action. Players must take part in all the missions of the game and combine their adventures with more players. Game modes always give players something special, so starting a game will give you a chance to enjoy the action. The more you discover in the game world, the more brilliant each objective will be and the easier it will be for you to find more needs in the game. Compared to GTA 3 APK, here you have more opportunities to enhance your abilities, so download this beta version for android and enjoy.

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