GTA 5 System Requirements You Need to Know

There are about a dozen popular game series in the world that has existed since the 90s. Not all parts are created equal. Rockstar Games, the creators of GTA, have always managed to produce great games. Each part has become a symbol of the gaming era. The last fifth part broke the records. GTA Online is one of those multiplayer titles that have remained one of the most played games for years. If you want to get into this experience and wonder about the recommended requirements of GTA 5 incompatibility, here we show you all. Note that, in essence, GTA 5 requirements are the same as Online GTA. The difference is that you need to be logged into the Rockstar Games Social Club network and have a stable internet connection to play online.

What is GTA 5 Game?

When the first part came out, all games were linear. She stood out for the open world. In the fifth part, there are no restrictions on moving around the map. Freedom of action is the main feature of the game. The size of the game world is 81 square meters. Km. to get from one corner to another, you will have to change several modes of transport or use a helicopter.

  • Three heroes instead of one with particular specializations
  • In the series the largest open world
  • The underwater world can now be explored
  • A large selection of mini-games
  • Robberies with several variants of the plan and the selection of companions
  • You can play as a dog

The player is given great freedom. You can break the law. This is followed by punishment. The police will look for the offenders. The higher the offense, the more attention is paid to the main character. The game has realistic graphics. It has been keeping up for five years and is not inferior to new projects. The physics engine deserves special attention. It is much better than the competition. At the same time, the optimization is good. The system requirements are modest—many videos on the network where GTA V is launched on ancient computers with old video cards.

There are 25 parameters in the graphics settings to adjust for each computer. The game supports UHD screen resolution. But for such a regime, powerful hardware is needed.

GTA 5 Requirements

System Requirement for GTA 5

The official system requirements are not entirely up to date. That’s why:

  • They change over time because new additions are coming out;
  • Are measured at the time of release, or even earlier, when the game is still raw;
  • Test computers are clean with no unnecessary programs.

The computer requires a reserve of power for regular operation when the game is on. Each program uses RAM and processor resources. You cannot do without an antivirus, browser, messenger, and so on.

How to build a computer for GTA 5 yourself?

Pick up accessories for power. Ideally, the processor should be loaded 20-30% less than the graphics card while playing. It is better to assemble a gaming computer based on the eighth generation i5 or i7. The processor is the main component of the system; all other components are selected for it. The video card can be selected immediately. They are universal.

Fast RAM is important for a gaming computer. Its speed will not add FPS, but it will make the work more stable. The minimum size is 8 GB, but it is better to take 16 GB or more. Some memory sticks are not universal; compatibility should be checked in the technical documentation.

Bottom line

Game accessories are made beautiful. Manufacturers expect you to put their engineering marvel under a transparent lid. You need to choose everything in style, adjust the colors of the backlight, where possible. For the best effect, it is advisable to use an ordinary water cooling system. This can reduce noise and create a stylish gaming PC.

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