GTA 5 Keyboard Controls – GTA 5 PC Control Best Settings

Nowadays, GTA 5 is the most demanding and best user interference game that allow its user to play instantly after downloading it into PC. This role-play game is best for Console and keyboard. So, before you take a start focus on GTA 5 keyboard controls. If a user doesn’t wish to use console, then the combination of keyboard and mouse is perfect while playing GTA 5 on PC. Keep in mind, that the keyboard keys can be customizable. Let’s have a look about the following keyboard control.

GTA 5 keyboard control

GTA 5 PC Control – General Keys 

Functions keys
Brake/Reverse S
Lean/Tilt Forward L + shift
Lean/Tilt Backward L + Ctrl
Headlights H
Horn G
Handbrake Space
Bicycle Front Brake S
Convertible raise/lower top H
Toggle Driving Mouse Control w

GTA 5 PC Control – Movement

How to navigate a character when that character is out of any means of transportation? See how to jump, run and sneak.

Functions keys
jump space
Move left A
Moving forward W
Reverse movement S
Sprint L + Shift
Enter the car F
Pause P
Character selector T
Move to the right D

GTA 5 keyboard ControlsCombat keys

The following are the combat keys,

Functions keys
Take Cover Q
Heavy Melee Attack O
Grenade/Sticky Bomb G
Reload R
Fire Weapon Left Mouse Button
Toggle weapon accessory TAB+A
Sniper/Camera Zoom in [

GTA 5 keyboard Controls – Vehicle General

Here are the initial vehicle selection GTA 5 keyboard controls are:

Action Primary
Cinematic Camera R
Look Behind C
Previous Radio Station ,
Next Radio Station n
Next custom radio track =
Radio Wheel Q
Cinematic Camera R
Duck X
Cinematic Slowmo L

GTA 5 keyboard Controls- Weapons Selection

A man fights without fists. Sooner or later you will reach all kinds of weapons 5 keyboard controls. Let’s discuss how you will get your favorite weapon.

Action Primary
Select Unarmed 1
Select Melee 2
Select Shotgun 3
Select Heavy Weapon 4
Select Special Weapon 5
Select Pistol 6
Select SMG 7
Select Assault Rifle 8
Weapon Wheel Tab

GTA 5 PC Control – Motorcycles / Cars

Where is the gas and where is the brake? The given table shows the GTA 5 keyboard control.

Function Button
Acceleration W
Brake S
Turn left A
Turn right D
Bend over L. Shift
Swivel L. Ctrl
Shooting from a car LPM
Guiding the car PPM
lights H
Hand brake space
Horn E
Bike sprint Caps Lock

GTA 5 PC Control – Change keyboard settings

If you don’t want to use the GTA 5 keyboard controls options provided by the creators, you can change it at any time. Just go to the “Settings” menu, then click on “Mouse / Keyboard”, select the option you want and in the end click on okay that will be responsible for this function. If you don’t want to change a single key just press the Escape key.

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